About Us

Aviation Rotables is a leading supplier of OEM
& Aftermarket high quality commercial aviation parts
and services

New Surplus and Overhauled Aircraft Parts

As a new-generation parts and service provider, we offer the most reliable and cost-effective approach in the industry.

Our business focus is to provide airlines, air transportation operators and maintenance organizations around the world with quality, fully traceable, reliable spares support at very competitive prices.

Aviation Rotables is an aggressive player in the aviation market. Our expertise encompasses, MD-80, DC-9, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, and as well as many Airbus Series. We also carry a huge inventory of CRJ’S 100, 200 Series and ATR’s. Aviation Rotables believes quality is paramount. We are an approved certified distributor of aircraft parts. Our entire inventory is located in state-of-the art, climate controlled facilities throughout the U.S. Since our inception we have provided many airlines with the most competitive prices and quickest turnaround times.

Our Goal

Support each operator with professional, friendly and responsive service. We can sell outright, Exchange and lease any of the parts we have available, with complete parts traceability as well as freshly tagged and overhauled parts.

Aviation Rotables invests on our quality system to ensure our inventory is maintained to the highest standards. this dedication to quality will give you to peace of mind knowing items you receive will be right and have complete traceability.

Our Inventory Includes:

-Hydraulic Pumps
-Windscreens (Windshields)
-WheelsASA 2017
-Landing Gear
-Landing Gear Components
-Thrust Reversers